Gtechniq Protective Paint Coating

We are Gtechniq’s #1 seller and accredited application facility in Arizona.

Paint Protection Coatings (PPC) offer the newest technologies to enhance and protect your vehicle.  Unlike traditional waxes that need to be applied several times a year, Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer forms a submicron clear quartz film to protect your vehicles surface for many years with only one application.

The Gtechniq system, found at Pit Stop Auto Detailing Center, is guaranteed to have a PPC that is durable, while also making bugs, dirt, salt, oil and other contaminants easy to remove while maintaining a superior high gloss appearance on your vehicle.  Our Gtechniq paint coating system prevents premature dulling of paint, micro-scratches caused by vigorous car washes, and also offers a proven industry leading UV protection from our harsh Arizona sun.

New Car Prep with Gtechniq Crystal Serum
Small $1275.00
Medium $1350.00
Large $1450.00
Specialty Cars* $149.95 Additional

* Specialty cars, race cars, one of a kind, lifted vehicles, historic or vintage, exotics and other areas that require extra time for surface prep.

Gtechniq Maintenance Program

Looking to maintain your Gtechniq paint protection coating?  To ensure longevity and uncompromised quality of your new paint coating, our mobile car wash and vehicle maintenance program gives you piece of mind that your vehicle is professionally cared for and offers a higher standard of quality and service right at your home or place of business.  The Gtechniq Maintenance Program includes the following service:

  • Bi-weekly scheduled Signature Hand Wash & Vac.
  • 6 month inspection of coating and application of Gtechniq C2V3. (when required)
  • 12 month inspection with clay bar, 1 step polish, and application of one layer of coating. (when required)